Marketing Strategies and SEO for Estate Agents

Is your estate agents moving with the times?

Today I have decided to write a post about search engine optimisation for estate agents. There are hundreds in Brighton and the surrounding area where I live. A lot of them have great brands and a huge presence on the street but it's surprising how many are missing a few tricks that will help them become savvy. When it comes to business development you need marketing strategy!

What is happening with Search Engines and Estate Agents now?

Firstly, portals like RightMove and Zoopla have started to use their search engine expertise to dominate the market place. So, if you are only a small agent you will have to consider this when creating your strategy.

Just take a look at the data below and you will see how businesses with a digital stratergy are dominating.

The charts do not convey absolute search volume, Numbers represent interest relative to highest point.

What else has changed?

Searches are becoming a lot more conversational, with people often asking questions and using more detailed phrases.

People understand that Google has evolved and can find almost anything these days,
so people tend to type in what they are looking for very specifically e.g. "1 bedroom flat" or "1 bedroom flat in Brighton". Plenty of searches are even more descriptive than this and include street names, postcodes and some of the features their desired property includes.


SEO Stratergies change and evolve and without choosing the correct keywords and phrases you could be wasting valuable time and resources. With some research and planning you can begin to understand the semantics of a search term and create content which Google will not only rank but, more importantly, content that your visitors will engage with...

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