Market Intelligence
Use our data scraping and mining services to find out what makes your customers tick and what they really want.

Create unique selling points, optimise your advertising, beat competitors' prices and create contact databases.

There is so much valuable customer information readily available on the internet. Every time anybody reviews a product, critiques a service or makes a request online they are showing the world what they really want. Using various data scraping tools we can gather all of the information that is related to your business: from product reviews, to customer profiling. The more raw data the better.

Once we have sourced all the relevant information we start data mining by breaking the data and assessing it.

By observing trends and correlations we can understand how your customers and potential customers think, what they are looking for and what it is that they desire. We can find the emotional end benefits of your product/service.

With this knowledge we can incorporate commonly used phrases into your website and add strengths discovered in your reviews to your homepage. And that's just the beginning:Our data research discovers desired unique selling points, helps to create valuable content and devises conversion optimised advertising.


Just Imagine Being Able To

  • Discover desired features so you can tailor your service to the customer's needs
  • Compile contacts databases for marketing which will enable you to grow your business
  • Uncover demographic information on customer behaviour
  • Witness your competitors' pricing strategies and be informed when changes take place
  • Discover trends and correlations to gain insights into your market

...And that's just for starters!

There are so many uses for data scraping that I can't even list them all, but here are some examples

Example #1: Uncover valuable customer information
By observing trends in collected data we can understand how your customers think and what they really want from your service. Researching your customer base will help discover your strengths, emotional end benefits, new USPs and will help to create valuable content and conversion optimised advertising.
Example #2: Keep up to date with competitors' prices
Keeping up to date with competitors' prices is paramount. Valuable customers are going elsewhere for better prices, or you might be selling yourself short! You won't know unless you commit a large section of your schedule to crawling your competitors' websites with a pen and paper. We can automate this process for you. Our results will come back to you in a format that is easy to understand, leaving you to make the important changes to your pricing.
Example #3: Create contact databases of potential clients for new products or service
We can provided your business with all the contact details you could possibly need. Mailing lists are essential in the business-to-business sector, especially when marketing a new product or service.

Now is the time to act, these insights can be a huge benefit but if your competitors get there first...

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