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Brighton Digital Marketing Expert offers a free 30 minute PPC management consultation to local businesses.

Learn how a Qualified Google adwords expert can uncover the formulas used by your most successful competitors, find new customers today and grow your business like never before

Adwords qualified professional

You'll have to see it to believe it, Google really does bring in new customers, and fast! Trust me, chances are that you just landed on this page from Google.

Businesses all over the world are gaining new customers easier and more effectively with the use of Pay Per Click. With so many options available, like being able to start and stop your ads, target specific regions, display ads for chosen keywords and track your return on investment, Google Adwords is a great route to market for many businesses.

Why would you hire a third party PPC Management professional?

Although AdWords is simple to use in theory, a poorly strategised campaign can be costly or worse, entirely useless. To form an effective AdWords campaign there are a number of things to be considered and steps to be taken. I have managed adwords campaigns in many markets; from e-commerce to service businesses. Firstly, through this experience and being a qualified adwords consultant, I can tell you that not all businesses will make a profit using pay per click but for those who can it is a real asset.

Here’s the bottom line... Often it is a simple assumption about a market that leads to a businesses failure. Without the correct research tools and the ability to manage a Google campaign correctly it is difficult to get all the technical details right. This is why I offer a PPC service to make your life a little easier.


Just Imagine Being Able To

  • Reach relevant customers
  • Profit from a new stream of business
  • Uncover competitors tactics
  • Discover customer insights
  • Have a presence in the market place online

...And that's just for starters!

Here's why you should trust me...

Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers are using Adwords alongside some of the UK's biggest brands, so there is room for everyone. There are 88 billion Google searches globally a month and some of these are people local to you, looking for your product or service. We just have to set up the process correctly so that they can find you easily.

Not Only That, But:
  • My Compelling adwriting service goes a little further than most, finding the emotional end benefits your customers desire
  • The use of split testing adverts improves the performance of your campaigns and lowers cost per click
  • Experienced keyword research discovers keywords at low prices
  • With an understanding of Google adwords relevancy alogorithms you can buy traffic cheaper than your competitors

So why should you give me a call? I only have a limited amount of hours in the day and a number of customers I can serve; I charge realistic prices; I do not put my customers in long term contracts; and I am offering 30 minutes of my time completely FREE

What's the added bonus of optimising your website for adwords?

Bonus #1: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The optimisation of your webpage will build further significance with the search engines which benefits SEO.
Bonus #2: You deal directly with myself
You are not dealing with a marketing agency where a number of people look after your account. We can work together from start to finish.
Bonus #3: I am results driven
I do my very best for every customer I work with and if I do not believe my service is suitable for your company I will recommend elsewhere.

Remember there is no commitment. Call me first for a free consultation.

Call me today on 07581 046 758 for your free 30 minute consultation.

If I am not available on the phone for any reason I will always call you back, usually within 24 hours.

It’s my mission to help businesses save and make more money so call me for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose!

Remember, I only have a limited amount of customers I can serve, today is a good day to call.