Search Engine Optimisation
A free 30 minute consultation to businesses in Brighton and Hove.

No strings attached, no obligation to sign a contract, just a simple introduction to my services.

SEO is one of the greatest return on investment advertising methods ever and that's why so many companies are talking about it. The results are cheaper than pay per click, listings appear in the search engines for years to come and you can gain greater insights into your market. It will also increase your brands credibility, at the same time.

Discover how to create successful SEO campaigns and gain powerful customer insights.

There are a number of components that make generating new leads and sales through a website successful. This 30 minute consultation will allow me to ensure your marketing and website is ready for SEO. I will present you with insights and information to help you select the right components and decide if it's the right time for you to begin the project.


The consultation will include:

  • SEO Error Diagnosis – You’ll learn about any critical issues on your website
  • Link building – Learn how backlinks could be increasing or decreasing your presence online
  • Conversion Optimization – We will check your content to ensure it is customer focused: providing solutions and calls to action at critical points on your website
  • Keywords – I will reveal keywords and strategies your competitors are gaining from
  • Content – You will learn how to utilise a blog correctly to retain and grow more customers

...And that's just for starters!

How do I know that I am choosing the right SEO consultant?

I've spent many years researching, testing and implementing digital marketing strategies within various industries and for a number of different websites. I have always been successful in increasing online visibility. Integrity and consistency are key factors of why my SEO projects work. My ethical long term strategies and hard work always get the job done. I have been recognised for years as someone with SEO expertise and I am also a Google adwords qualified consultant, so you can rely on me to oversee a successful project. With my completely transparent service and simplified explanations you will know exactly what is going on and where my invested time is being utilised.


Not Only That, But:
  • I only use white-hat techniques, no spam or low quality links. This will increase your credibility with Google
  • I am also a qualified Google adwords consultant
  • I provide in-depth regular reports on progress
  • My over the top research techniques provide insights like no other SEO agency and will provide a for a small to medium sized enterprise.

Get yourself your free SEO Consultation

This is an amazing opportunity and there's NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE.
All of the effort is on my part. All I ask for is 30 minutes of your time to display what I can do for you and your website. If you are not happy with what you see then there is no obligation to sign a contract.

Prior to your consultation I will have a presentation prepared outlining any major problems with your website to help move forward and display some of the major components to getting a marketing strategy rolling.

You too can join the thousands of other people that are already benefiting from SEO. I am fully committed to help your business grow by optimising search engine visibility and increasing conversions.

Call me today on 07581 046 758 for your free 30 minute consultation