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Analytics is a great way to, yup, you guessed it... analyse! By using Analytics you can measure everything about your website, from visitor numbers to common search terms. By studying your website's Analytics reports you can assess whether features and campaigns have been successful.

We will run through the basics with you and help you get started, then move on to the things that you should be looking out for and the features that are relevant to your business.


There are two types of blog: one that is worth reading and one that isn't.
A good blog should grab a readers attention and entertain them, while offering content that is both useful and informative. Blogging regularly, and well, will keep your audience coming back for more!
You don't have to be as formal as the rest of your website on a blog. This allows you to create a voice for your brand and interact with your customers.
On this blog we will be offering up some handy tips on blogging; A Blogger's Guide To Blogs Blog, if you will.

Content & Copywriting

Good copywriting and content can make the difference between a potential customer, and a customer. Bad content will have clients turning their nose up and hitting the 'back' button on their browser. Some might be so offendedas to even close the browser and give up their search all together, and that makes us sad. Compelling copy can inform your visitors about your product and help them make the right choice; you!
We will be dishing out regular top tips on how to get the right message across to your customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Okay, so people are visiting your website but very few are becoming customers. That's were a bit of Conversion Rate Optimisation comes in handy. Even the subtlest of changes to your website might have a huge effect on how many visitors will go on to buy your product.
Our blog will aim to help you identify where you are going wrong and show you what can be done to get visitors to commit to your product.

Email Marketing

Getting your commercial message across to customers and potential clients is a must when trying to generate leads. You can build your brand, increase customer loyalty, advertise and attain repeat business by email. It's simple, when you know how.

We will be writing about everything Email related: the tools you should be using, how to write up press releases, how to get the best out of email advertising, and brand building tips.

Search Engine Optimisation

S, E, Oh? This is one of those phrases that is popping up everywhere, and there is a very good reason why. It's all well and good having a fancy new homepage but if your website isn't optimised for search engines, no one will see it!

SEO is an umbrella term, covering a plethora of individual tasks and roles. On this blog we will go through each and break it all down into easily understandable, jargon-busting chunks.

Social Media Marketing

You can build a recognisable brand the hard way, or you could start Social Media Marketing. Everyone uses social media these days, even my Grandma. Having a web of social media account allows you to communicate with your customers, advertise new products and features, and receive client feedback.

Setting up an account is the easy part. We'll teach you the basics and beyond. Soon you will know how to juggle multiple social media accounts and manage your online reputation. You might even get a 'like' from Grandma!

Pay Per Click

Paid for search engine advertising can attract customers, where ever you are listed in the search engine. It's very important to get your PPC campaign right first time, otherwise you could end up spending far too much money on an advert that brings in little or no business.

Our specialist will post up the dos and don'ts of Pay Per Click so you don't lose valuable time and money on a campaign. We'll start from the beginning and work our way up to advance techniques that can trim the costs even more.

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